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PURION 360 Brewer

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COLOUR:Natural Clay
SIZE:2 Cup

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Made to brew nature. Coffee & Tea.

If you’re ready to take your pour-over coffee to the next level, it’s time to meet the Aurli Purion 360 Brewer. Created using 100% pottery clay free from silicone rubber, this premium piece of artwork is natural, organic and safe to use. 

The Aurli Purion 360 that is an ultimate brewer that enhances a noticeably higher sweetness of coffee is also made to brew all types of loose leaf teas. Simply infuse with the valve closed.

Inspired by the tea culture of Taiwan, this brewer is the first of its kind that enables percolation and immersion with 90-degree rotation, achieved in a matter of seconds. Its speciality Taiwanese clay has been used for generations to create a series of tea-making wares that prioritise taste for heavily fermented teas. Featuring a rustic appearance, the unpolished exterior and glazed interior provides an entirely unique look to your coffee or tea brewing station.

Design Inspiration


Inspired by water taps. The Aurli 360 a singular brewer that offers two methods in one – immersion and percolation. Since pottery clay products undergo varying levels of thermal expansion during the firing process, the handcrafted body and base are repeatedly trimmed and tested for the perfect fit.

A Work of Art

The Beauty of Pottery Brewers


Products that are expertly handcrafted with clay offer coffee enthusiasts a level of natural beauty and charm unrivalled by their mass-produced counterparts. While every item has a consistent look and feel, each provides a look that is entirely unique. Varying in colour, texture and shape, pottery brewers are truly one of a kind. 


What’s PURION | 老岩泥 ?

Introducing Purion, a patented material exclusively from Lin’s Ceramics Studio. This one-of-a-kind pottery clay blend is made with 100% natural rocks and minerals – its earthly appearance gives way to ever-changing textures, meaning that no product from Purion looks the same. The material is exposed to highs of 1250 degrees so that its innate form and colours are maintained, while also keeping unique details of craftsmanship. Purion-ware has a structure similar to maifan stone, which purifies water and gives it a sweet and mellow taste. The clay’s natural minerals also mean a slower heat transfer rate, so each Purion dripper retains a hot temperature for much longer than ceramics or glass.

PURION - Pottery Clay Made

The 360 Brewer Valve

All Aurli 360 brewers are produced using natural, organic and 100% safe materials.

1 Brewer. 2 Methods. 3 Ways.

Aurli 360 Brewer valve opened indication | THE COFFEE GOODS


Indicate the valve opened.

Enjoy coffee with clarify and bright acidity.

Aurli 360 Brewer valve closed indication | THE COFFEE GOODS


Indicate the valve closed.

Enjoy coffee with higher sweetness and body.

Aurli 360 Brewer Percolation or Immersion switch brew methods | THE COFFEE GOODS


Create your favourite recipe using both percolation and immersion.


Nope – that’s just the unique appearance of Purion, a material made from natural mineral rocks and pottery clay. Purion-ware is fired at 1250 degrees and this uneven colour is due to the fire pattern across the surface, resulting in its an earthly aesthetic.

Yes, because Purion has retained all the natural characteristics of the pottery clay, rocks and minerals it’s made from. The dripper will feel dusty on the surface to begin with, but will smooth out with use.

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Nice product

Really good design dripper so you can change the brewing style from immersion to percolation. What a smart design!
Very fast delivery service and good customer experience