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Dolce&Gabbana Moka Express

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Embrace the coffee rituals of Italy in style.

Coffee connoisseurs – it’s time to get acquainted with the Bialetti × Dolce & Gabbana Moka Express. Created to deliver the classic practicality of a stovetop coffee maker, paired with a generous dose of masterful design, this moka pot is a must-have for your brewing kit. While evoking the traditional and ornate patterns of the Carretto Siciliano, the pot also brings a touch of the contemporary, embodied by a striking red appearance. In just three steps, complete Italy’s go-to coffee ritual and expect a kitchen filled with an unbeatable aroma. A single rounded handle and hinged lid makes for easy-use, ideal for those who can’t start the day without the perfect brew.



The iconic Moka Express, which transformed the art of making coffee into an Italian tradition consisting of aromas and congeniality, is enhanced by the decorative splendor of the Carretto Siciliano. In fact, Sicily, with its unique views, flavours and colours, has been a source of inspiration for Dolce&Gabbana from the very beginning.


Folklore elements of the island, such as the Carretto Siciliano, have always been at the core of Dolce&Gabbana’s aesthetic style and artistic production, as they skillfully transferred these decorative motifs into their clothing, accessories and now the original Moka Express Bialetti.


And just as each Dolce&Gabbana outfit hides the secrets of an artisan craft in which expert hands create uniqueness, so too does each Moka Express Bialetti carry its own story of quality, tradition, innovation and, above all, passion.


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