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Abaca+ Coffee Filters

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Size:1 Cup

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CAFEC Abaca paper filter has been popular for years and is known for its fast-water flow by good balanced Two-Side crepe. It is made by the non-wood material ABACA (Manila hemp) and wood-pulp based on a forestation project. The ABACA coffee filter can be said an eco-friendly paper filter. It has good air and liquid permeability, toughness, and elasticity.

The Abaca+ paper filter is made by the new manufacturing technology “Fine-Grained” method which increases the paper surface area by narrowing the distance between each crepe, and more, created even water flow by uniforming the texture of paper.

If you are an experienced coffee lover, you will love the Ababa+ paper filter which is designed to create a faster water flow so it is easy to control water flow by skilled ability. 

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