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Flower Dripper

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SIZE:4 Cup

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With a design history stretching back over 400 years, Arita’s high-quality porcelain ceramics are some of the finest examples of Japanese design and are famous worldwide. 

Expertly crafted to bring out the complex flavors of coffee, the flower dripper from Sanyo Sangyo benefits from extraordinarily innovative design concepts. Smooth ribs cut from the dripper wall provide a layer of air between the filter and the dripper, allowing the coffee to expand and the flavors to grow. The dripper narrows to a cone, with flow paths at the bottom, giving your coffee a more consistent taste.

Producing smooth, full-bodied coffee every time, the CAFEC Flower Dripper is a stunning addition to your kitchen.



Flower Ribs

Enough air can be kept between paper and dripper and coffee grinds can be expanded fully.

Bottom Ribs 

The ribs around the bottom hole is the flow paths to produce more constant flavor of your coffee.


Help to form deep filtering layer and to let water circulate inside dripper. Water permeate all over the coffee grinds so coffee taste becomes smooth but with body.

High Quality Arita ware

Easy to grip handle


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