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Carter Move Mug Slate Grey

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COLOUR:Slate Grey

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True Taste. No Mess.

The only thing standing in your way of the perfect cup of coffee on-the-go is which colour to choose. Fellow has crafted this range to include an array of pleasing hues, from satisfying neutrals to pretty pastels and those boasting intense pigment. No matter your preference, the Carter Move Mug will certainly amplify your ensemble with its trendy colour palette. And for those days when you’re not on the move, your desktop, kitchen or living space are in for a real treat.

A snap-in splash guard avoids spillage while a tapered lip mimics the aesthetics and mouth-feel of a fine wine glass. Travel design shouldn’t have to compromise on taste, touch, and visual appeal, and the Carter Move Mug excels at all this and more!


Fellow Carter Move Mug Snap-in slash guard | THE COFFEE GOODS

Snap-in Splash Guard

Sip security on-the-go! Simply snap in the splash guard when you take Move Mug into motion for mess-free drinking.

Fellow Carter Move Mug Matte Black Lifestyle

True Taste Ceramic Coating

Your coffee should taste how you intended. Unlike stainless steel, a ceramic interior keeps your brew free of odors, oils, and old penny tasting notes.

Fellow Carter Move Mug On-the-go Capability | THE COFFEE GOODS

On-The-Go Compatibility 

Coffee that can keep up. By car, by bike, or by backpack, the slim width fits any adventure.

More Features

Drinkable Thin Lip

A tapered thin lip mimics a Cabernet glass to deliver coffee directly to your taste buds while also sitting comfortably on your mouth.

Heat-Lock Double Wall Vacuum

The 304 18/8 insulated stainless steel retains heat for 12 hours and stays cold for 24 hours.

Leak-Proof Seal

A quick, 270° twist locks the lid to eliminate liquid mishaps. You have our your-bag-is-not-getting-wet guarantee.

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Best tumbler ever!

delivered at the right time, best tumbler ever! not leaking at all.