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Shimmy Coffee Sieve

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Unadulterated Flavour.

Say goodbye to microfines and hello to the Shimmy Sieve. Brought to you by Fellow, this simple tool makes inconsistent grinds a thing of the past. The microfilter sifts unwanted particles under 200 microns in size, allowing for more even extraction and perfect grind consistency. By eliminating microfines that impact the flavour of your brew, you can enjoy better tasting coffee in every single cup.

Coffee connoisseurs love the Shimmy and its ability to provide clarity for a bolder, more nuanced flavour. The ergonomic shape offers a faster and effortless sieving experience, taking style inspiration from a classic cocktail shaker. Place on your countertop and watch the magic happen thanks to a tinted yet transparent exterior, perfect for monitoring your progress. 

Pair the Shimmy with a pour-over dripper or a quality French press to take your daily brew to the next level.


200 Micron Filter 

The 304 metal filter shifts out extra fines of all coffee grinds under 200 micron.

Clean Tasting Coffee

By eliminating micro fines that cause over-extracting during the brew, a better clean cup of coffee as always.

Ergonomic Shape 

Inspired by a classic cocktail shaker for a fast and effortless coffee sieve.

Precise Pouring Lid 

Easy to transfer sieved consistent coffee grinds to your brewing methods of choice.

Visual Design

A tinted but transparent body lets you peek at your progress.

Easy Clean Component

Shimmy comes apart in a snap for a quick clean and an even quicker reassembly.


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