Lin's Ceramics Studio V60 Porcelain Dripper
Lin's Ceramics Studio V60 Porcelain Dripper


Lin's Ceramics Studio V60 Porcelain Dripper

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COLOUR:Porcelain Blue

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| Limited Collaboration |

The intricately-crafted V60 with lavish layers of exquisite elegance.

We’d like you to meet the V60 Coffee Dripper (Ru-Kiln) – a one-off collaboration between Hario and Lin’s Ceramics Studio. This extremely limited edition piece has been made using traditional Ru-Kiln craftsmanship. Its multiple layers of soft blue glaze have been applied by experienced hands to create a unique and dreamy effect. Reminiscent of the lauded Song Dynasty, the dripper comes inside its own inscribed wooden box. So make coffee your own in breathtaking Ru-Kiln tradition and each drip will be divine. 

Classic V-Shaped

Classic 60 degrees coffee dripper with spiral ridges is known for its fast flow speed and smooth extraction.

Ru-Kiln Craftsmanship

Using ancient kiln-firing method in a high temperature of 1250 degrees. The elegant glaze of single colour was produced with unique multi-layers of glazing techniques by experienced hands of craftsmen.

Collectable Piece Of Art

This limited V60 in Porcelain Blue glaze was inspired by the poetic colour of Japan and a special inscribed wooden box included is a must-have in your collection.

What’s Ru-Kiln | 懷汝 ?

Ru-Kiln is a beautiful imitation of Ru ware, a highly-regarded type of Chinese pottery from the Song Dynasty which was once produced for the imperial court. Behind every piece of Ru-Kiln is the memory of the Song Dynasty, which was admired for its elegance. That’s why it’s crafted with an irresistible, moist glaze of single colours like duck-egg blue and gentle greens. If you look closely at the surface of any Ru-Kiln piece, you can make out the bubbles between the careful layers of glaze - proof of how much attention goes into re-creating the purity of Ru ware today.


Nope – Every V60 Ru-Kiln Dripper is one-of-a-kind and may include traces of tiny dot glaze on the surface due to the carefully hand-glazed and firing process.

Yes, the pottery wares are handmade, non standardised products and there may be some pinholes on the surface due to the firing process.

Customer Reviews

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Lin Z.
Incredible texture

Great color and texture for this little creature

Stephanus A.
Perfect Union of Form and Function!

This dripper is not your run off the mill V60 dripper as you can probably tell from the asking price. However, in this case it's more than just a pretty face as the resulting brew was at least on par with its' looks.

Good product

Very nice dripper good package