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Manual Coffee Grinder

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reddot award 2018 winner

Fusing award-winning design with exceptional function, the Minos Manual Coffee Grinder is beautiful to hold and behold. 

Perfectly formed, this grinder won a Red Dot Award 2018 for its sleek octagonal outer shell, crafted with aluminum alloy. Its sophisticated geometric finish offers added comfort, while its convenient carry pouch makes it ideal for traveling.

Boasting a unique ratchet mechanism, its clever function allows for speedy grinding at the press of a button. Instantly adjust the coarseness to achieve the perfect Moka pot, Pour over, French press, or Espresso grind within seconds. Enjoy your ideal coffee ritual whenever, wherever.

Every Minos grinder comes with a serial number which can be found on the grinder, warranty card, and packaging.



Innovative External Adjuster

Press and hold the external button and rotate the handle counter.

Duplex Bearing Shaft

Ensure stability of the central axle for better consistency of grounds.

Numerical Controlled Process One Unit Form

The aluminum alloy octangle shell creates simple and elegant appearance and is comfortable to hold.

Internal Grounds Container with skid-resistant design



Customer Reviews

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Beautiful and stylish

Not only this manual grinder looks good, the way it adjusts grind size is great. Not bad quality grinder at this price point.