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Smart Control Temperature Kettle

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If you long for a precise brewing experience, the Varia Smart Control Temperature Kettle is the tool for you. Ideal for pour-over coffee lovers, this unique piece of equipment comes complete with the 6mm thin precision spout which regulates smooth and consistent water flow for improved control, accommodating every pour-over brewing method.

Creating your perfect specialty coffee is all about finding the right temperature – the Varia Kettle makes achieving this possible. The LED-backlit base gives you an accurate picture of how much heat you’re brewing with, allowing you to extract the optimum amount of flavor and aroma from your coffee grounds. It’s simple to clean and holds up to a litre of water for continuous enjoyment all morning long.


360 Degree Rotational Base

LED-backlit displays current and desired temperatures, all while remaining invisible when not in use.

Variable Temperature Control

Operate with its innovative temperature dial.

Fast Heat Time

1350W power capabilities for fast and even water heating.

Built-in Brew Timer

Timer displays after the kettle is removed.

12H Heat Preservation Mode

Keep your desired water temperature all day long.

Celsius and Fahrenheit Options

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