VSGO Air Move air blower | THE COFFEE GOODS
VSGO Air Move air blower | THE COFFEE GOODS
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VSGO Air Move air blower lifestyle 3 | THE COFFEE GOODS
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VSGO Air-Move Pro Coffee Grinder Air Blower Packaging


Air-Move Air Blower

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Blending effortlessly into the background, the gentle curves and matte black finish of this impeccably designed air blower from VSGO keeps it subtle and unobtrusive.

Leveraging state-of-the-art, dust-proof tech, and innovative 14 air inlets, the Air-Move Air Blower makes cleaning stray grounds from your grinder a breeze.

Winner of a Red Dot Design Award in 2019, this is a perfect example of form meeting function; a practical piece of kitchen design that looks great, feels fantastic, and is simple to use. Avoid spoiling your morning brew with bitter, old grounds and keep your grinder working perfectly for longer with this excellent, attractive air blower.

The Air-Move Air Blower is also suitable for cleaning cameras, lenses, keyboards, projectors, etc.

VSGO Air-Move Air Blower One-way Air Intake | THE COFFEE GOODS

One way air intake

The Air-Move air blower is designed with a one-way airflow valve to prevent any dust from being sucked back.

VSGO Air-Move Air Blower 14 Air Inlets | THE COFFEE GOODS

14 air inlets

The large air volume with 14 air inlets is capable to produce stronger air blowing.

VSGO Air-Move Air Blower Soft Long Nozzle | THE COFFEE GOODS

Soft Long Nozzle

The soft long nozzle is designed to blow out coffee grounds in any tough area without scratching the surface of your grinder.

More Features

VSGO Air-Move Air Blower Anti-dust | THE COFFEE GOODS

Dust-proof technology 

The premium soft texture of the material improves electrostatic dust adsorption in the silicone surface.

Self-priming base

The bottom suction cup and the anti-rolling design stop the air blower from falling over and rotating.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Jack H.
It does the job.

The air blower does what it says on the tin. Aesthetically pleasing and worth the price of purchase for a non-electric blower.

Simple, excellent design

Does as it says - blows air. Premium feeling materials.

Air Move air blower

Strong and powerful blower, this help me clean my manual coffee grinder with out taking the unit apart

Jarrod M.

Such a quick and easy way to clean my 1zepresso hand grinder. I deep clean every few weeks but this is gets day to day use. Definitely recommend to keep your grinder is great condition

Billy J.
Works well

Great at getting the coffee granules out of my grinder. Long nozzle gets in there!