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Grind Setting for 1Zpresso Q2 & JX

Grind Setting Tutorial - Classic Internal Adjustment

What Are the 3 T’s of Brewing Specialty Coffee? Reading Grind Setting for 1Zpresso Q2 & JX 2 minutes

In this tutorial, we will take you through how to adjust grind setting for different brew methods on the 1Zpresso classic internal adjustment dial.

Zero setting

Before adjusting grind setting to your favourite brew methods, you will need to find and start with the zero setting. Finding the zero setting is very simple by turning the adjustment dial in a clockwise direction till the point where you feel the resistance and the crank can not move freely. 

Zero Setting Classic Internal Adjustment


  • The dot indicator does not necessarily start with the number 0 (zero) at zero setting.
  • Do not turn the adjustment dial to the tightest point. 

Numbers & clicks

There are 10 total numbers on the adjustment dial while 3 clicks between each number, thus we can calculate the total clicks per full rotation.

Total 30 clicks per 1 full rotation = 10 numbers x 3 clicks


1Zpresso Internal Adjustment Dial


We've learned finding zero setting and understanding the numbers and the clicks on the dial. It's time to find the recommended setting for your favourite brew methods. Here's how we've calculated the total number of clicks for each of brew methods.

How to convert Q2 grind setting into clicks?

1Zpresso Q2 Grind Setting Reference


AeroPress is recommended to start with 12 numbers* from zero setting and the calculation is shown below.

12 numbers x 3 clicks = 36 clicks ( turn counter clockwise from zero )


1 full rotation + 6 clicks 


AeroPress / Moka Pot  Pour Over / Siphon French Press
 36 - 54 clicks 54 - 72 clicks 72 - 84 clicks


How to convert JX grind setting into clicks? 

1Zpresso JX Grind Setting Reference


Pour Over is recommended to start with 22 numbers* from zero setting and the calculation is shown below.

22 numbers x 3 clicks = 66 total clicks ( turn counter clockwise from zero ) 


2 full rotations + 6 clicks


 Turkish Espresso AeroPress / Moka Pot
15 - 24 clicks 24 - 33 clicks

48 - 60 clicks


 Siphone / Pour Over French Press
66 - 90 clicks 84 - 102 clicks



*These grind settings are recommendation only. Adjust coarseness according to own preference.