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Tornado Duo Double Wall Glass Dripper

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COLOUR:Clear Glass
SIZE:2 Cup

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A ground-breaking piece of innovation in coffee-making: the world’s first sealed, double-wall glass dripper from Brewista. 

The remarkable design of this unique dripper brings a totally new experience to the world of specialty coffee. Its ribbed, spiral detailing mimics the form of a tornado, allowing the dripper to get a better extraction ratio. Its upper ribs have a large oblique angle, extending the extraction time, while the ribs on the bottom deliver a speedy flow. 

This unique combination produces a more robust, satisfying brew and makes this dripper an everyday essential for modern coffee lovers.


Unique 18 Tornado-like Ribs

Extend extraction time for a robust and balance flavor

Insulated Double-Wall Glass

Keep the water temperature longer and easy to hold


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