POURX Smart Light-Guided Coffee Scale | THE COFFEE GOODS
POURX Smart Light-Guided Coffee Scale front | THE COFFEE GOODS
Pourx Oura Heat Resistance Pad Front | THE COFFEE GOODS
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Oura Smart Light-Guided Coffee Scale

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Color:Space Black

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iF Design Award 2021

Let the light guide your brew.

Make the perfect pour over brew, no matter the time or day, with the Pourx Oura. Featuring built-in light-guided technology, it wonderfully simplifies complex brewing processes thanks to its easy-to-follow light instructions. Simply select your chosen recipe and glide through the process with stop-start lights and a funky sound system. This is our go-to choice for any pour-over drink, resulting in a barista-style coffee from the comfort of your home. Compact in size and oozing modern elegance, it even elevates your coffee nook with its spaceship-like design.


Complete the set

Pourx Oura Smart Light-Guided Scale | THE COFFEE GOODS

Light-guided Mode

The Oura features innovative light-guided technology – green for start pouring, red for stop pouring – so, you can forget the hassle of digital numbers and complex recipes. Brewing various high-quality specialty coffee with stability has never been simpler.

Easy-to-Follow Lights

Pourx Oura Scale Auto Tare | THE COFFEE GOODS

Smooth Brewing

In the POUR OVER mode, the Oura delivers an effortless brewing experience with automatic taring and the clever timer intuitively starts after detecting the flow of water.

Pourx Oura Smart Light-Guided Scale Record and Share Recipes | THE COFFEE GOODS

Record and Share

Up to 3 recipes can be recorded on the Oura, allowing you to easily switch between tastes or recipes. You can also share your brewing parameters by using the app or a QR code.

More Features

Accurate Measurement 

Highly precise with fast response times, the Oura’s measurement accuracy is up to 0.1g, allowing you to accurately control the coffee-to-water ratio during brewing process.

Waterproof Surface

There’s a reason we favour simplistic, seamless design. Not only does it look wonderfully aesthetic, but it makes cleaning a breeze. With the button set under the top panel, water damage is a thing of the past.

USB Rechargable Battery

A high quality 1750mAh lithium battery uses micro-USB port to charge and it lasts for 8 operation hours.

Auto Power Off

Auto power off feature is customisable via the App. Settings from 3 mins to 15 mins.

Heat Resistance Pad

Protect the Oura scale from getting scratched and damage from heat. A thoughful filter folding guide on the surface of the pad.

Unique and Futuristic

The smooth and black semi-transparent design, flashing light mellow is just like the spaceship.

Oura Operation Modes

Weighing Mode


Light-guided Mode


Pour Over Mode


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