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Delter Coffee Press

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One of the biggest problems coffee brewers face is agitation, causing a bitter and inconsistent extraction. The Delter Coffee Press is the solution we’ve all been waiting for.

Although the design of Delter Coffee Press is similar to AeroPress, the brewing methods are totally different. AeroPress uses the immersion method to brew coffee and DCP uses the percolation method. As a result, DCP produces more clarity and less bitterness coffee in every brew.

Using the unique jet seal keeps the water and coffee grounds separated until the brew starts, preventing uncontrolled agitation. The Injection Brewing method lets you have complete control over the water flow and agitation, easily creates the perfect coffee with clarity and precision thanks to Delter’s convenient coffee press

Available in a classic clear design or limited edition grey. 


Unique Jet Seal

To keep the water and coffee grounds separated in order to avoid inconsistent or over extraction.

Injection Brewing

The extraction starts by applying pressure on the plunger and the water comes through the jet seal which evenly sprinkles the water on coffee grounds.

Simple to Clean

Cleaning DCP only takes a minute to wash with the water.

Portable & Pocketable

A compact size for camping, traveling, outdoor, office or home.


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